Saturday, 21 February 2015

pancake sisters

3 Rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris

As a break from university final year stresses, a friend and I decided to take a break from our overheated, stuffy library and brave the fresh air to go somewhere new for lunch. This little hangout near to Republique has been on my radar for sometime and so we decided to check it out. Through the dreary wet Parisian streets, this yellow cafe was a ray of sunlight, and so we dived in, and very excitedly consulted the menu. Inside, it is very simple and cosy, and there is a lovely atmosphere, definitely the kind of place to go for lunch with girlfriends, its very cute and run by two lovely ladies, who are very friendly. As the name suggests, its all about the pancakes in here! We decided to go for the 12 euro lunch formule, which consisted of a savoury pancake sandwich, a drink and a sweet pancake dessert. I must admit, though we could have eaten a bit more, the food was absolutely delicious, in particular the pancake sandwich which was just to die for! They also do brunch which, if you have a look around on instagram, looks amazing, and they also do late night opening on a Thursday for evening meals. I will definitely be going back here again, but I won't rush back on an empty stomach.

Keep an eye out for... ask for your savoury sandwich to be toasted!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

paris hanoi

74 Rue de Charonne, Paris.

This is one of, if not my number one, favourite restaurants in Paris, its a lovely place that does the most delicious Vietnamese. Walking down to the restaurant from metro Charonne on line 9, the first thing you notice is the amazing smell, which just makes you even hungrier as you stand in the queue of other eager eyed customers, all peering in through the windows and eyeing up the delicious plates, already being devoured by those inside. Every time I have been, the people in the queue have been chatting about how good the food is - the queue really is a testimony to this place, and it really is worth sticking about to wait for a table. Inside, the restaurant is cosy, the tables are close together, but its such a great bustling atmosphere, with the chefs cooking in view, and the waiters serving the small floor space. Unfortunately I don't have any more pictures of this place, but you'll just have to take my word on it.

Keep an eye out for... my favourite dish - tom bun nem. Absolutely delicious!  

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

le cafe lomi

3ter rue Marcadet, Paris.

If you're around the north of Paris and looking for a small cafe to take a breather, then this is the place. It is located in the 18th, tucked away far from the tourist trap of the sacré coeur , near metro Marcadet Poissonniers. Inside, it has a really nice, chilled out vibe, the music is really good and plenty of people making use of the free wifi on laptops. It can get quite busy, but I think it adds to the atmosphere of the place as it encourages table sharing, something which I love in a cafe as it feels so open and communal. Also a great way to listen in to french conversations and pick out what you can! The cafe is renowned for its great coffee, sadly i'm not a coffee fan, but I can say that the hot chocolate is a great alternative; they also offer a range of freshly squeezed juices and a selection of teas. The chocolate cake was also divine. They offer lunch between 12 and 3 which varies daily, with a choice of salad, tart or quiche.. they also looked amazing. 

Keep an eye out for... its got to be the chocolate cake. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013


111 boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris.

Merci has been on my to-do list for ages, so I was so happy to finally go in not so long ago. It cannot be defined as a 'shop', as I think it is more of an experience, with so many parts to explore. The entrance to the shop itself is wedged between two of its three cafes, and walking through the archway you find yourself in a delightful courtyard, with their iconic red fiat 500 in front of you. Continuing through the door there is a wonderful mix of clothing, jewellerey, home and beauty products, all of which are completely different to what you might see on the high street. They have three cafes for you to choose between after your shop - the used book cafe; the merci canteen; and the cinema cafe. I visited the used book cafe and I was not disappointed - the staff were so helpful and the food and drinks were delicious. 

Keep an eye out for... the beauty department - they have plenty of testers which all smell amazing and look so sleek lined up on the shelves. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

épicerie générale.

43 rue de Verneuil, Paris.

This is a really nice little deli, which is definitely worth popping into if you are in the area (the 7th). It is hidden along a quiet back street, which somehow adds to the charm of the place. They pride themselves on their range of organic produce, including bottled fruit juices, fruit and veg, cheese and meat selection as well as salads and sandwiches - perfect for a bit of lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. They have a great variety of drinks too including some freshly made juice drinks.  

Keep an eye out for...  the really interesting own brand products, labelled with the the épicerie générale logo.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

cafe pinson.

6 rue de Forez, Paris

This is a wonderful cafe, in the north Marais, a walk away from Temple metro, offering a perfect break from exploring the Marais. Everything served here is organic, vegetarian, and a lot of it vegan and or gluten free - even the hot drinks, such as hot chocolate, are made with almond milk. From the outside, the cafe invites you into its warm and cosy space; there are comfy sofas and armchairs for you to sink into whilst enjoying your food and reading a book - if you forget to bring your own, they have plenty dotted around on shelves, and some magazines in piles on the side too. The menu itself changes regularly, as well as the cake selection. I enjoyed a quinoa salad on my visit, and other options included a very tempting quiche. The pricing is very reasonable too, at 9 euros for the lunch meal and for those who fancy a bit more, they do a 3 course lunch menu for 17 euros. As if this wasn't enough already, they have started to open on late on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for evening meals (booking is recommended). The staff are so friendly and happy to help as well... this cafe is such a breath of fresh air and a relaxing (need I say healthy?!) place to stop, if you fancy a refreshing lunch then head here!

Keep an eye out for... The delicious juice of the day - freshly made smoothie!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

st paul falafel.

Rue des Rosiers, Paris.

This is becoming more of a well known Parisian activity, but it is still definitely worth pointing out to anyone who has not yet discovered it - the falafel takeaways in the Marais, just a walk from St Paul metro. There are quite a few to choose from, particularly along this road, and different people will recommend different places. For me, this one is my favourite - just on the corner of rue des Rosiers and rue des Ecouffes. The queue is always one of the shortest, and they have a really nice onion salsa that, if they don't put any on and if you're feeling brave enough, you can ask for. The good thing about there being so many is that the price is very similar at every place, at 5.50 and for this you get a really filling pitta with falafel and salad. For a few euros more, you can upgrade to a chicken filling if you aren't fond of the standard vegetarian option. There is the option to sit in, but I would recommend takeaway and wander around the Marais eating as you go. If you're lucky, you might stumble across a park to sit in, or wander down to the Seine to enjoy a bit of sun.

Keep an eye out for... The free falafel tasters in the bowl on the counter-top.