Wednesday, 23 January 2013


50 rue de Miromesnil 
13 rue des Pyramides
46 rue Monsieur le Prince
8 rue Saint Lazare
16 rue Joubert

I have walked past this bagel shop so many times, but always just after I have had lunch! I went in just recently and, my gosh, this place is definitely a keeper! Inside, the café has a really relaxed feel about it, their menu is written up on blackboards and the staff were so friendly and patient. It is such a great concept with fresh ingredients, great tasting fillings and even some quirky sweet bagel fillings and with 4 shops in Paris, there is no reason not to pop in! As with every lunch place in Paris, it does get very busy around lunchtime hours, so bear this in mind - just a credit to its good food!

Keep an eye out for... the bagels, it goes without saying! But try the cakes too, they have a great (and very tempting) selection!

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